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This work is a digital marketing report conducted on the UK clothing brand ASOS. It is a report split into two halves. The first part takes a look at how ASOS uses digital marketing and how their customers engage with the brand - this report is done using the SOSTAC (Chaffey and Smith, 2013) model. From the first half of this report I was able to identify 3 objectives that ASOS could set to enhance their use of digital marketing, and 3 target segments of customers that these objectives would appeal to. Using this information I created and detailed 3 digital marketing campaigns for ASOS - this being the second half of the report. The report details how these campaigns would be carried out and why. Following the report I created some visual content to show how the campaigns would look and what would visual work would need to be created in order for them to be carried out. All of this can be seen in the report document which can be found here. 

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