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For my Final Major Project completed as part of my degree, I created the concept of a new brand: Salvage, and content to go along with it. Salvage is an online platform and community that is aimed at young girls aged 16-24 who, due to it being the current zeitgeist, find themselves the ideal demographic for fast fashion brands. Salvage aimed to combat fast fashion by educating readers on it's environmental and societal dangers, teaching and encouraging up-cycyling and repurposing, and bringing awareness to artists and brands that are championing slow fashion and sustainability. For this project I created the concept and all market research and planning, and I created all visual and written content associated with the Salvage brand. The end results can be seen on the Salvage website - there is a front-end design version, and a WIX mock-up - as well as the Salvage social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. More information on the conceptualisation of this project and what influenced it is detailed in a Development document that is available on request. 

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